Lost Island Video Game, "Lost In Time."

The Lost Island Movie series is ideal for a video game. This is because there are going to be many different movies set in different times, almost all them involving the same crew battling other people or aliens with various weapons in different times or on different planets. Many different skills and abilities will have to be learned to succeed as new situations come up. The different time periods and different planets and civilizations could easily beconme different levels in the game. Perhaps at random times, the whole scene could suddenly shift to a new time or alien planet as the effects of space/time travel deteriorate. It should be fun and extremely challenging. We should be able to get a video game made, in which case, you will recieve a free copy of the game. If, however, we don't get a game made close to the time we get the movie made, your donation will be returned. It just takes time, so make sure you use an email address that you monitor for the year we are working on getting things going. We will update you on the status of the game.