Be a Monster Designer

For this perk, our 3D modelers will build a monster for the movie based on your specifications. You will be a monster designer! You will get special credit at the end of the movie as one of the monster designers! You will get images of the monster in the design stages as the design is made into a 3D mesh and fleshed out with materials and textures. You can email the modelers with suggested changes as the design progresses. We will do the best we can with what we have to work with, but the end result may not be exactly what you wanted, but it will be close, as we have to make it fit in the tone and look of the movie, and above all, it has to fit in with our quick and dirty movie making technique. But it will look good, particuarly in a quick moving shot. Then the monster will be rigged and animated in at least one scene of the movie. You will be a monster creator!

You will receive a DVD of your monster scene, even if part of it is edited out to fit the movie as a whole. Of course you will receive a signed DVD of the director's cut of the whole complete movie too. You will also recieve an electronic obj file of the monster and its associated texture files. (Wavefront .obj file, a 3D geometry definition file format with .obj file extension, a commonly used model file used in most major 3D programs including Blender.)

You can submit your design as a drawing, a painting, a verbal description, or a mish/mash of photos combining other monsters or creatures. We prefer to do organic non-mechanical designs and will have trouble with transformer type monsters unless you can clearly depict all the various parts and how they fit, interlock, and rotate to make a transformer effect. But besides that, you don't to have to actually be able to make a 3D design, we'll do that, you just have to get the basic idea across.

Be a monster designer, donate today!