Be a Member of the Monster Casting Crew

For this perk you get 3 votes for monsters that will appear in the movie. You will be sent a special email address and a member number to send your votes to. After we notify you of the voting time period, you must send an email with your main donation email and your voter number and your 3 choices. You may vote all three votes on one monster or vote on 3 different monsters. Get your friends to join you and try to elevate a certain choice to the top of the listings! With this perk, you become a member of the Monster Casting Crew. Then you vote on your favorite monster to appear in the movie. Only members of Casting Crew get to vote. Top 3 monsters will be featured in the movie.(and maybe more.) You can only vote for a type of Monster, not a copyrighted monster from some other movie or comic book. For instance, you could vote for a vampire monster, but not for Bram Stoker Dracula, or you could vote for an Alien type monster but not THE actual alien monster on Sigourney Weaver's ship.

Monster Casting Crew members get special mention in the credits, and quality frameable certified certificate verifying they are a member. The certfication is a silver seal for regular members, but has a gold seal for members who have their monster chosen