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This video course focuses on using a cheap camcorder and free software to do most the things only Big Production companies could do in the past.

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We say you CAN do it. You CAN Make your own videos or even an entire Movie!

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One of our lessons shows the hundreds of crew members it takes to make a 3 minute special effects shot in StarWars
it takes thousands of man hours

to do some shots. But we show you you how to do much the same with Free software,

and inexpensive cameras and gear, the Easy Way !


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This is a great course, I learned a lot of things that helped me make 30 videos (so far). Some stuff was old, I already knew, but some answered questions I always had. Now I feel confident I can tackle just about any video subject. Thanks!
Johnny D.
I really didn't know where to start, but after watching the DVDs, the ideas started coming left and right. And when I think I understand the process, but get stuck, I can always go back to that lesson on the DVD and review it, and follow step by step to get it working.
Jim S.

You can see the power of putting our course How to Make Your Own Movies and Videos to work for you! Now you too easily learn the cheap and fun way to make movies and videos.

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If you want to know how to use camcorders, how to set up scenes, how to plan and write scripts, and how to edit your videos you need this video course. It explains everything.

Sample Video Lesson on using a free program.

118 individual video lessons

Over 5 hours of instruction

On easy to use DVDs

Every thing is explained

The easy way to learn!

Questions? Rewind and Replay!

Super Easy!

Here are the Subjects covered ( in the 118 lessons)

The different camcorder formats.

Pros and Cons of using Mini DVD, or DVD direct, or Hard Drive, or Flash Drive camcorders.

Can Digital Still cameras do decent video?

What is 8mm film? What is 8mm video?

How to use an ipod as a sound recorder.

How to use the Windows Video Maker.

How to use Windows Live Movie Maker from Win 7.

How to edit audio in Live Movie Maker.

How to make a track dolly.

How to make an electrically controlled tilt and pan camera mount.

Build a $100 tilt control on a camera jib.

The Basic shots of movie making including:

Establishing shots

Long shots

Full shots

Mid shots

Close up shots

Extreme close ups

Eye-level camera angle

low angle camera angle

high angle camera angle

overhead camera angle

under shot

camera pan

camera track

camera dolly

camera zoom

camera tilt

the dolly in shot

zoom out shot

the Zolly shot

over the shoulder shot

face to face shot

2 shot

manual focus

pulling focus

depth of field focus

rule of thirds composition

golden sellection

symetrical composition

lead lines

head room

How to tell the story using the above shots.

How to assemble your shots to tell a story.

Problems with camcorder built-in mics.

How to record good dialog stationary.

How to record good dialog sound in action movies.

How to shoot editable scenes in action movies.

How to monitor sound on camcorders with no headphone jack.

How to add headphone jacks to camcorders with no headphone jack.

How to use free Wax 2.0 software to add aftereffects.

How to use Wax 2.0 to add 3D clips.

The $25 green screen.

Sample videos are shown pasted on a 3D cube in Wax 2.0.

How to use Green screens for special effects.

How to use Wax 2.0 to do Green screen effects.

How to use Wax2.0 to make video within videos.

How to use Wax2.0 to make special effects.

Split edit and trim clips in Win 7.

Make clips go slo-mo or fast speed in MovieMaker.

Adding sound tracks in Movie Maker.

Use MovieMaker to add series of photos.

Claymation animation, Cutout animation

Making stop motion action films in Movie Maker.

Sample stop motion animation.

How to set up various lights to create various effects.

How to light the face for Youtube Videos.

How to strip noise from recorded audio using free software.

How to dub over audio.

How to add and mix various audio tracks using free software.

How a big budget movie uses thousands of manhours for 10 min. of film.

A cheap level for your camcorder.

A free steadycam.

How to protect yourself at editing by shooting early.

How to protect yourself at editing with extra material.

Using the cut away shot.

Natural wipes.

Controls and settings and equipment of camcorders:

White balance

ND filter

Shutter speed

Video gain



Cam Mic

12 bit, 16 bit audio

Internal Mic

External mics, types, and uses of

Phantom powered mics

Zoom, how to use

Zoom, differences between digital and optical

Electronic stabolization


Back lighting

Spot light function

Low light function

Aspect Ratio


Letterbox screen

Various Program modes or Scene Modes

How to make a How-to Film, organizing, writing, planning shots.

Basics of how to write scripts.

How to create characters.

The 3 act formula.

40 plot points commonly used in movie scripts.

How to edit all the shots and dialog and sounds together.

How to add scrolling titles.

How to record the whole movie to DVD.


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I thought I couldn't shoot a video, but after viewing your course, I realized it was so easy a chimp could do it.

Thanks helping me become a chimp videographer! I'm a much better monkey because of it!

Manny the Chimp

My buddy Manny told me about the Movie Making course and it really helped me focus, (get it, focus!), Ha ha! Now I am putting together a documentary about Human Mating Habits, and it is progressing very well. Even the orangutans can't believe I'm doing it!

Bo Bo the Chimp

(Testimonials are not real trained animal actors)

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How to get free music

How to match pictures with the music

What are the copyright concerns for Youtube Videos

Easy to understand explainations of copyrights

How other people get away with using copyrighted music on YouTube

Where to get Royalty Free music and pictures for your video

How to edit your music video with free software

How to add extra sound to the editied video

And so much more!!

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