Sample of our Lost Island Graphic Novel.

$26 for the digital download.
This is a graphic novel we are planning to do based on the Lost Island Movie. We figure that as long as we have the 3D modeled characters and backgrounds developed for the movie, we can easily pose them in a number of different scenes which will be presented as 2D illustration panels in a graphic novel. And since we have produced and published electronic books on Amazon Kindle in the past, including some with illustrations and have used Amazon CreateSpace to publish paper softcover books, we know how to publish books, and so we can do a graphic novel right along side the movie. It is a natural fit.

But we then decided to do the graphic novel like a side journey from the movie, so it wouldn't be just a repeat. We'll use the main movie characters but they are caught up in a different story line. This is easy to do as the basic premise of the lost island is that the alien OverLords manipulate time for their own narfarious purposes, which is why there are dinosaurs and other creatures on the island that don't "fit" in the normal everyday world.

So in this side story, the crew who are looking for Kong and Lori, pass through bluish force field barrior and are suddenly in a different time, in the future of their time (1936) when the flight 370 went missing. There they discover the survivors of flight 370 and get caught up in their plight as they all have to deal with the alien creatures that have "brought" the flight 370 to the island. Then at the end of the graphic novel, the crew passes back through the force field and in their own time (1936) continue on their way following the big ape as they try to rescue Lori.

The graphic novel is planned on being 120 pages long and will be released in both electronic form and as a full sized paper back.

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