Our Black and White Pearl Earrings perk

white pearls

Black Pearls

We are in the process of setting up a jewelry stand at the big local swap meet here in Hawaii to sell some Hawaiian jewelry items we have accumulated in recent years in a effort to raise extra money for the Lost Island Movie project. We are now offering these items as a reward or perk for donations to our movie project. The good thing about these Hawaiian jewery rewards is that you will not have to wait for the movie to be finished to get your perk as we have them in stock, or on order and they can be finished and shipped while we are still working on the movie.

One of these items is our Black and White Pearl earrings, with a sterling silver French Hook. The black pearls come from islands down by Tahiti. They are Tahitian Black Pearls, but we have to call them South Seas Black pearls because they are not certified by Tahiti. We have acquired some of the oysters which make these pearls, (Black Lipped Oysters), and our black pearls come from these oysters. They are HUGE oysters, much bigger than the ones you see at other pearl kiosks. Compare the white pearl oysters above with the black pearl oyster below. The bigger oysters produce bigger pearls. We get 10mm to 14mm pearls from ours. In fact, WE, are the only ones that have them here in Hawaii. (of course the pearl farms in the South Seas have their own oysters at their farm shops.) See a video of our oysters and your's truely, the Animation Professor, extracting a black pearl from a Black Lipped Oyster


We also use white salt water pearls in these lovely earings. The white pearls are about 8mm to 9mm in size. This pendant item is made in Hawaii, includes a fine sterling silver French hook. The black pearl is about 10mm to 12mm diameter. A perfectly smooth and perfectly round Tahitian Black pearl of 14mm would sell for $600 for one pearl! These pearls are not AAA quality, perhaps they would be "B" quality, not completely round, some depressive marks on the surface, but lovely and they are still worth about $65 to $195 an unmounted pair in a regular jewelry shop. But we are offering them as reward for a donation of much less here. (It would cost a few hundred thousand to set up a regular jewelry shop, but if we get a hundred thousand dollars, it is all going into our movie project.) A lovely Hawaiian gift for for you for your donation to help the Lost Island project.